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Billing Solutions

Bd-Eye was not solely a ‘Spec’ designed piece of software but a web based development platform which was built for ‘in-service’ use. As such we have been extensively ‘leak’ testing with our own day to day use.

Cloud Solutions

SARK has been developed by telephony experts with the primary aim to deliver as many of the most used features found in traditional systems, but within a VoIP environment. 


Cloud Solutions

SARK has been developed by telephony experts with the primary aim to deliver as many of the most used features found in traditional systems, but within a VoIP environment. 

Where high levels of reliability and uptime are of the utmost importance for example in call centres or 24/7 operations, the SARK High Availability Dual Server System can be of huge benefit. The HA cluster comprises two identical PBX servers running side by side and connected by a 'heartbeat' mechanism. In the event of a failure to the primary system, fail-over to the secondary takes just a few seconds and requires no restart or re-setting of the phones, the VoIP accounts, gateways or ISDN circuits. The total downtime in such situations is usually around 12 to 20 seconds from initial failure to resumption of operations. When compared to the average 2 to 4-hour response time offered with most other systems this one feature alone can make a huge difference to the bottom line in call-critical businesses

BD-Eye Billing Solutions

The Bd-Eye cloud enterprise solution has been developed by the Brindley team over the last 10 years. Throughout this time, we have been able to develop solutions to real time issues creating an extensive toolbox ideal for any size Internet Telephone Service Provider (ITSP).


Our focus was to simplify the complex nature of rating and billing functions in a company which has a diverse PBX or carrier network. Our Motto was “It doesn’t matter what type of PBX you have, if we can get to the call data records, we can bill it!”. This is what makes our system ‘Agnostic’ in terms of call billing. This means if we come across any new PBX brands, we can guarantee that we will be able to bill from it, we can easily create an interface to add any new PBX brand onto our ‘known’ list at no additional cost to the customer. 


We have automated the collection and processing of call data records so that you do not have to wait until the end of the month to bill your clients. Our standard call collection is every 15 minutes and can be set as low as 5 minutes. This means that our clients can see their current calls online no more than 5 minutes after they hang up the call. Collecting call data means we can “velocity” (Security) check the calls to make sure that your PBX and end points have not been compromised.  

​Client Portal

Our client portal has dedicated client login pages with call data and statistics as well as end of month reports on gross profit, agent commissions and pay as you go features. Allowing you many customisations in colour schemes and the ability add your own branding.


Full integration of client invoices to automatically synchronise with Xero accounting software, as well as Pre-pay auto-call cut off feature and end of month client statements. Post-Pay allows you to run your billing to the end of the month and at the touch of button sand out clear and accurate bills to your clients.  


As a reseller you can sell your own ‘white label’ solution to third parties and keep an eye on your profitability, call volumes and many more statistics to manager your business.

​Phone Provisioning

Our proprietary phone provisioning software enables us to rapidly deploy IP devices across client sites. deployments. The software helps us improve efficiency, whilst ensuring high levels of client service are maintained. Our platform has been used to provision IP devices globally and is another important development in our ever-expanding toolset.

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We are proud to be recognised as a leading service provider in the UK North West. 

We are a Family Run Business 

Family makes us stronger. We pride ourselves on our people first attitude and are always open to bringing more to the Brindley team. Why not check out our Reseller page and find out how you can get involved. 

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