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Non Profit Organisations and More

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Global Pharmaceutical Telephony

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Remote Working & Covid Response Project 

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Billing Solutions for Everyone!

The BD-Eye (Brindley Data Eye) Billing platform has been written and developed by the Brindley team for the last ten years. Bd-Eye was not solely a ‘Spec’ designed piece of software but a web based development platform which was built for ‘in-service’ use and as such has been extensively ‘leak’ tested with our own day to day use. Throughout this time we have been able to develop solutions to real time issues as and when they arose creating an extensive tool box ideal for any size ITSP.

Schools and Non Profits

The IT support provision which Brindley are offering to Schools is increasingly popular, not only with our current number of partner Schools, but with a number of Schools looking for a different approach. We are support providers who are more in step with today’s technologies and how best to provide them . Importantly we are completely realistic about decreasing budgets and the impact that is having on trying to effectively maintain your services.