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Finance and Billing

Billing Solutions for a Boost Of Productivity

BD-Eye Billing is a flexible VoIP Billing system & Termination platform full of features which can provide one of the easiest and lowest cost of entry into billing VoIP Customers, ensuring that you can manage your VoIP services simply, efficiently and in a way that is highly scalable as your customer base grows.

Welcome to the BD-Eye Suite

Brindley's BD-Eye Billing Suite is a one stop shop for all market levels offering pre & post pay options and the ultimate in flexible and customisable billing, reports, management and control.

SME's and Private Sector

We work with SME's, private & public sectors providing IP (Internet) based PBX Termination of calls direct to our clients as a service like standard VoIP providers in the market. 

We Sell Wholesale

We also provide Wholesale VoIP  where we terminate calls from other Telecom companies or customers wishing to aggregate traffic of their own - think small to medium Telcos or multi site PBX instances where VoIP calls must be accounted for by country, office, site, department etc.  In these cases we add value by offering fully supported third tier services to them as a provider of VoIP/Telecoms in addition to the software suite.

A Snapshot of Our BDeye System 

Made with passion.

Pre-construction design

Sleek User Friendly Design

Our BD-Eye System

The BD-Eye (Brindley Data Eye) Billing platform has been written and developed by the Brindley team for the last ten years. BD-Eye was not solely a ‘Spec’ designed piece of software but a web based development platform which was built for ‘in-service’ use and as such has been extensively ‘leak’ tested with our own day to day use. Throughout this time we have been able to develop solutions to real time issues as and when they arose creating an extensive tool box ideal for any size ITSP. The main focus of our development was to simplify the complex nature of rating and billing functions in a company which has a diverse PBX or carrier network. Our Motto was “We don’t care what type of PBX you have, if we can get to the call data records we can bill it!”. This is what makes our system ‘Agnostic’ in terms of call billing and we have written interface modules which are able to “read” most PBX brand call data records. This ultimately means if we come across any new PBX brands we can guarantee that we will be able to bill it , we will write an interface program to add any new PBX brand onto our ‘known’ list at no additional cost to the customer. Our final goal was automation and security. We have automated the collection and processing of call data records so that you do not have to wait until the end of the month to bill your clients. Our standard call collection is every 15 minutes and can be as low as 5 minutes. This means that your clients can see their current calls online no more than 5 minutes after they put the phone down. As we are collecting the call data so regularly we “velocity” (Security) check them to make sure that your PBX and end points have not been compromised.