The Phone System

Cloud Telephony is about providing real world VoIP solutions in the shortest possible time.  Our three axioms; Deployment, Efficiency and Extensibility drive everything we do  .


Time is money, the faster you can deploy and tailor a solution, the shorter the time to ROI, yielding benefits to both reseller and customer..


The greater the efficiency, the lower the ongoing costs.  This is particularly important in cloud deployments where usage is pay-on-demand.


No platform can do it all ‘out of the box.’  Customers will often have unique, and sometimes challenging, individual requirements.

Features list

Auto Provisioning (HTTP/HTTPS)
  • Inbuilt

  • Template based

  • Extensible

  • Recursive

  • Supports SIP Multicast Broadcast

  • “Zero Touch Provision” (ZTP) for Panasonic Snom & Yealink using SIP Multicast Broadcast discovery.

  • Automatic device recognition & provision from MAC

  • Supports DHCP Options

  • Third Party Redirect

  • One-click “In-flight” (no reboot) re-provision for Snom and Panasonic

  • One-click reboot re-provision for CiscoMP, Polycom, Yealink

  • Onboard fast network discovery to find and (optionally) adopt network connected SIP devices (IPV4)

Call Recording
  • Continuous call recording with automatic NAS/SAN offload

  • One touch - OTR (record from activation point)

  • One touch retrospective - OTRR (activate at any time; whole call is saved)

  • Mixed, select Continuous, OTR or OTRR by extension, call group or DiD

Call Recording search, cue, download

  • Search by time, source or destination

  • Cue (play) calls

  • Download calls to desktop

  •  Authentication with PIN

  • Voicemail to E-mail (Unified Messaging)

  • Custom greeting messages depending on status (Busy, Unavailable)

  • Voicemail operator support

  • Timezone support

  • Sounds per language

  • Limit voicemail length

  • Limit voicemail count

  • Voicemail Groups

  • Message Waiting Indicator (MWI)

  • Monitor multiple mailbox MWIs from single phone BLF stack

  • Operator exit digit

Clientless User Web Application

  • HTML5/CSS3 “mobile first” design

  • Call history with click-to-dial (desk, tablet and cellphone)

  • Online directory with click-to-dial (desk, tablet and cellphone)

  • One-Click twin/un-twin cellphone with extension

  • Call forward

  • DND

  • Manual dial from desktop

  • Manual dial from cellphone

  • Play/delete voicemail 

Enhanced Services
  • Camp-on (mini queues), with time out

  • Group Hunt

  • Call Forwarding

  • Group forwarding

  • Visual group forwarding (BLF)

  • Manual group forwarding (feature key)

  • Visual system open/close via BLF

  • Manual system open/close (feature key)

  • Automatic system open/close via timers

  • Holiday scheduler

  • Do Not Disturb

  • Caller ID

  • Call Park

  • Visual call park via BLF

  • Manual call park via feature key

  • Instant Recording

  • Instant Retrospective Recording

  • Continuous recording with automated ofload

  • Call Pickup

  • Group Pickup

  • Call Filters & Blocking

  • Speakerphone Paging

  • Overhead Paging

  • Paging/Intercom

  • SIP multicast paging

  • LDAP directory lookup (inbound and outbound)

  • Speed Dial

  • Delete Recordings

  • Listen to Recordings

  • Search for recordings

  • Call Monitoring

  • Optional Phone Callback

  • Monitoring Conferences

  • Remote Access

  • Personal IVR

  • Online LDAP User Directory

  • System Operation Times

  • Pause/Unpause Call Recording

Clientless User Web Application
  • HTML5/CSS3 “mobile first” design

  • Call history with click-to-dial (desk, tablet and cellphone)

  • Online directory with click-to-dial (desk, tablet and cellphone)

  • One-Click twin/un-twin cellphone with extension

  • Call forward

  • DND

  • Manual dial from desktop

  • Manual dial from cellphone

  • Play/delete voicemail

System Dashboard
  • Live up-calls display

  • Live memory & disk usage

  • Live load averages

  • Uplink/downlink bandwidth availability

  • Live call counters

  • Static system information (release levels etc.)

Caller ID Validation & Routing
Customisation & Reliability
  •  Services Monitoring

  • Custom Apps

  • Reporting

  • Automatic System Backup & Restore on-demand

  • Automatic Snapshotting with instant rollback

  • Custom Extensions

  • Custom routing via custom app

System Extensions
  •  Protocols: SIP, IAX2, DAHDI

  • Class of Service (CoS) - destinations permissions

  • Caller ID control

  • Codec selection

  • Voicemail

  • CSV upload

  • CSV Download

  • Departments

  • Desktop Apps integration

  • Mobile integration

    • Twinning

    • Clientless dialling

  • Call Recording

  • Least Cost Routing

Custom Extensions

  • Custom routing via Custom App feature 

  •  Dynamic conferences via Web App

  • Conference PIN

  • Conference Admin PIN

  • Dynamic PIN Prompt

  • Optional announce user join/leave

  • Announce number of participants

  • DTMF menu for participants

  • Control options for each member

Music on Hold
  •  Music on Hold customisation

  • Music on Hold options: files only, grouped per class

  • Music on Hold options: random selection

Hot Desking
  • True hot desk, phone is re-provisioned in-flight

  • Aastra

  • CiscoMP

  • Panasonic (in-flight, no reboot)

  • Polycom

  • Snom (in-flight, no reboot)

  • Yealink

Greetings & Messages
  • Record a greeting at any phone

  • Upload greetings

  • Download greetings

  • Automatic backup each night

  • Seven cycle rotate

  • Instant backup on-demand

  • Download backups to desktop

  • Use backup/restore to move PBX instances at any time

  • Snapshot taken at every Commit

  • Rolling 12 snapshot history

System Administration
  •  Web Browser Administration

  • Role Based Administration

  • Ajax Linux CLI in the admin browser 

Setup and Configuration
  •  Unimited Expandability

  • System Setup

  • Phones Auto Configuration/Provisioning

    • multi-endpoint create/provision in one transaction

    • SIP Multicast ZTP (Panasonic, Snom, Yealink)

  • Trunks Auto Configuration

  • Intelligent InterSARK automatic trunking 

  • Complete or selective restore

  • Database

  • Greetings

  • Voicemail boxes

  • Asterisk system files

  • LDAP directory

System Delivery Method(s)
  •  Software (Debian package manager)

  • Appliances

    • SARK200 ARM SoC

    • SARK850 Rackmount

    • SARK1000 Rackmount

    • SARK1500 High Availability Cluster

  • Amazon Web Services AMI

  •  Type: Standard IVR

  • Type: Pin-based IVR

  • Type: Multi-digit IVR

  • Type: IVR Tree Builder

  • Destinations: Extension

  • Destinations: IVR

  • Destinations: Queue

  • Destinations: Conference

  • Destinations: Voicemail

  • Destinations: Remote Access

  • Destinations: Custom App

  • Destinations: Call External Number

  • Destination options: Default Caller ID

  • Operator Extension

  • Custom timeouts

  • Custom Greeting

  • Ringing Type

  • Dial Local Extensions directly

  • Dial Local Extensions limits

  • Dial Permissions

  • Operation Times

  • Supported Protocols

    • IPV4

    • IPV6

  • Onboard SIP packet filtering

  • Onboard DHCP server option.

  • Automatic provision of DHCP 66 options for Aastra, Cisco, Panasonic, Polycom, Snom & Yealink.

  • Onboard DNS forwarder

Browser support
  • Firefox

  • Google Chrome

  • Microsoft Edge

  • Opera

  • Safari


Firewall IPV4

  • Filter by originating IP/CIDR

  • Filter by originating port

  • Filter by SIP packet inspection (UDP, TCP)

  • Blacklist

Firewall IPV6

  • Filter by originating IP/CIDR

  • Filter by originating port

  • Filter by SIP packet inspection (UDP, TCP)

  • Blacklist

  •  Strategy: Ring All

  • Strategy: Linear

  • Strategy: Least Recent

  • Strategy: Fewest calls

  • Strategy: Random

  • Strategy: Round-Robin with memory

  • Strategy: Random with penalty

  • Agent login/logout

  • Queuemetrics support 

Ring Groups
  •  Incoming Call Confirmation

  • Recursive (groups can reference groups to any level)

  • Strategy: ring

  • Strategy: Hunt

  • Ringtone customisation

  • Caller ID customisation

  • Custom greeting

  • Visual Group froward (via BLF)

  • View, Download, Backup

Log Analyser
  • Fail2Ban

  • Unlimited tenants

  • Virtual PBX. Tenant admin has full control of the tenant

  • Automatic CDR stamping for billing

  • Allow/Deny cross calling other tenants (by tenant name)

Trunks / Gateways
  •  Protocols: SIP, IAX2, DAHDI

  • DAHDI Signalling: PRI, BRI, Analog

  • Codec selection

  • SIP and IAX2 outbound registrations

  • DAHDI: Digium Analog and Digital cards

  • DAHDI: OpenVox Analog and Digital cards

  • Xorcom Astribank

High Availability Clusters
  • Fully automated cluster setup (ASHA)

  • Full Pacemaker/Corosync/DRBD cluster support

  • Fast failover (typically under twenty seconds in the event of node failure)

  • Intelligent support for PRI cards across the cluster

High Availability VPC cluster
  • Cluster multiple AMI instances

  • Prioritise with DNSSRV  

Hub Supernode
  • B2BUA

  • Instance aggregator and distributor

  • Aggregate multiple SIP PBX sites

  • Aggregate multiple SIP AWS instances

  • Aggregate multiple VPCs

  • Aggregate mixed on-premise and in cloud instances

  • Aggregate upstream SIP trunk usage

  • Match explicitly

  • Match Class (partial match)

  • Custom match (via Custom App)

  • Destination: Caller ID Validation & Routing

  • Destination: Caller ID Replacement

  • Destination: Call Recording

  • Destination: Queue Priority

  • Force Codec

  • Strip Digits

  • Destination: Extension

  • Destination: Custom App

  • Destination: IVR

  • Destination: Queue

  • Destination: Voicemail

  • Destination: Conference

  • Destination: Remote Access

  • Destination: Trunk

  • Destination: External Number

  • Destination: Deny Access (blacklist)

  • Destination: Operation Times


Bulletproof PBX (Telephone server)